Medical Writing and Clinical Data Management Training

Medical writing courses and certificate programs will benefit anyone responsible for writing in the life sciences. This medical writing certification program will give participants comprehensive insight into proper medical and technical writing, as well as what regulatory agencies look for in compliant documentation, submissions, and product marketing.

Upon completion of this medical writing certificate program, participants will become Certified Medical Writing Professionals and know the fundamentals of effective writing in the regulated environment, as well as how to be more effective overall communicators.

Clinical Data Management course presents significant concepts and handy methods to support the planning, collection, storage, and distribution of data in clinical research. Accepting and implementing solid data managing principles is critical for any scientific domain. In spite of your current role in the research venture, a strong effective knowledge and skillset in data management principles and practice will amplify your productivity and improve your science. Our goal is to use these modules to help you gain knowledge and practice this skill set.

Medical writing involves majorly often multipart data and ideas in a clear, summarizing, realistic, complete, and influential manner for a better understanding of the general population. Medical writing is an essential and ever more important activity required at every stage of a therapeutic product. Medical writers working in Contract Research, Pharmaceutical or Biotechnology companies are mainly concerned in regulatory medical writing. Medical writers contribute towards the research of different types of records needed for submissions to Regulatory Agencies. Medical writers also add towards inscription manuscripts for journals in various national and international medical/scientific journals and are concerned in developing medico-marketing materials, education manuals, and website content. Thus Resolve Medicode provides Medical writing and Clinical Data Management Training with a duration of 45 days with ISO 9001 certification.


Candidates with Graduate/Post Graduate Degree/Diploma in Pharmacy, Healthcare, Medicine, Dentistry, Biology, Zoology, Chemistry, Microbiology, or even Biochemistry are eligible to apply for this course.