Resolve Medicode provides Clinical Research, Clinical Data Management, Regulatory Affairs & Pharmacovigilance Training in Delhi. In Pharmacovigilance Training we study about the pharmacological science relating to the detection, assessment, understanding, and prevention of adverse effects, predominantly long term and short term side effects of medicines. Identifying new information about hazards related to medicines preventing impairment to patients.

Resolve Medicode offers Comprehensive Medical Billing and Medical Coding Training in Delhi covering Medical Terminology, ICD-10 CM, CPT-4, and Specialty training in Radiology, Surgery, Evaluation & Management, Anesthesia and Pathology coding required for US healthcare BPO. We offer wide-ranging Medical Billing and Coding Training in Delhi to start your new career! Our job oriented training program ensures that you can enter the growing field of Medical Coding and Billing industry with confidence.

It was very well done – entertaining and flexible to meet your needs. Very likeable and fun… Thanks!” Cess, Dealing With Difficult People


Very informative, really made me think about possible scenarios, particularly in the workplace” Rebecca Campbell, Surrey and Sussex Probation Trust, Assertiveness and Managing Conflict​

Adam Sendler

very informative and eye-opening programme… I thought she covered all the areas brilliantly.