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We provide equal opportunity and create a supportive and diverse place. Certification is mandatory for the quality-oriented and profitable medical coding process. CPC certified coders earn 40% more than non-certified coders.  Now all MNCs and medical coding companies prefer only CPC Certified coders. Nearly 50000 professionals are CPC Certified and the count is increasing every month. This is the right time to plan and execute the correct career path along with our medical coding institute. Our program will make the aspirants get a working knowledge in Anatomy, Human physiology, Medical terminology and wide and extensive knowledge procedures coding training. Medical terminologies are taught by employing simple medical terms. After successful completion of the course, the aspirants will be able to obtain an entry-level position as a certified coder and capable of reviewing the medical records and accurately assigning medical codes for diagnosis, Procedures, and products used in hospital practices. We provide the best training and placement opportunities at the world’s best companies.


We have everything for the aspirants to take their career to the next level. We are charging reasonable fees but there is no compromise with the knowledge sharing. Our faculties have more than 10 years of experience in the medical coding field with AAPC certification. Our course module is designed in such a way to make people more creative and productive in their work. Our main target is to make the aspirants understand what is required for the job and how to handle and deliver it perfectly. We are providing both classroom training and online mode of training and committed to delivering high-quality services to our students. By utilizing our years of experience, we can render a blend of training programs and related services. Our entire teaching faculties are actively engaged in finding new opportunities and recommending and implementing solutions to maximize the field. We are leader in MC placement opportunities with maximum success rate. Join our for  CPC exam training program for step by step understanding of the coding topics and take plenty of mock tests to easily pass and get high scores in the exam and get CPC credential conducted by AAPC.