We are one of the pioneers in the field of Pharmaceutical, research and Health care industries. With eight years of practical comprehension, we have gained a sphere of influence knowledge in scientific fields which sets another goal in providing wide training programs to our candidates. This century is the era of discovery and inventions our company is rightly geared up to help the researchers and clients to meet the requisites of the industries. We strive hard and motivated to nurture young minds and professionals to make them more competitive and advanced in the research field with significant ideas and thoughts.  We are dedicated and stubborn to provide world-class training for medical coding, clinical data management, revenue recovery, and pharmacovigilance and endow to provide the best researchers to the clinical industry. To compete with the growing technological world we are committed to facing the challenges and we are globally connected to enhance the talents of our clients and pave them a wonderful opportunity worldwide. It is believed that nearly 20,000 highly equipped professionals have been hired and there are high demand and tremendous career opportunities in the health care sector.


Medical coding is the transformation of healthcare procedures, medical records into universal standardized alphanumeric code used to bill insurance companies. We are one of the AAPC approved centers and our trainers are having more than ten years of experience in real-time coding. Medical coding training in Coimbatore consists of a pool of faculties having multiple certifications and has experience in multi-specialty coding. A course is designed to provide training in completing and submitting medical insurance forms. We will provide advanced and in-depth instruction in CPT and ICD coding standards, application, and case scenario studies, interpretation of medical encounter forms. To create a career in medical coding, basic education is obligatory and active participation is needed. A complete ICD-10CM, CPT4 and HCPCS training given by the CPC training in Coimbatore are widely recognized and ISO certification is also provided to the successful candidates.


The certification program provided by the Clinical Research Training in Coimbatore is skill development training with a motto to focus on the drug development and clinical trial processes, Good clinical practice guidelines and drug regulatory affairs. Clinical research is the revelation of the efficacy, dosage, and safety of the drug which rehabilitate human diseases. we greatly draw attention to improving the knowledge of diseases and aiding in the discovery of new diagnostic techniques to benefit the people. We analyze the dilemma prevailing in research and join hands with the professionals to complete the case study with high efficiency and accuracy. Our experience in this area would guide the candidates in their study and giving full pleasure and satisfaction

Pharmacovigilance contributed to the assessment of benefit, harm effectiveness and risk of medications, encouraging their safe, rational and more effective use. The ultimate goal of pharmacovigilance is to protect the public and people from the risk of the drug by evaluating the safety of the drugs. Certification is an acclamation for an individual; we provide certification in PV which makes the candidate in persistent growth in the industry. Knowing all the practical and hypothetical applications about post advertising surveillance, the candidate feels satisfied when working in the industry. The effective guiding offered by the Pharmacovigilance training in Coimbatore towards the research study and reduces the blockade between the clinical and research system. We are a pillar of support in giving essential coaching for research cramming. We constantly engage in the scrutinizing of the candidates by giving the test and in their upgradement.

The pharmaceutical company is economically strong and growing rapidly. At all times, the industry needs to be able to hire a adequate number of professionals with a focused background in the new upcoming domains of regulatory affairs. Regulatory affairs are the area with a broad outline and the responsibility for collecting all data from the development processes and sending it to regulatory authorities where the trained people in regulatory affairs are required. The course provided by the regulatory affairs training in Coimbatore will guide the professionals to work within the areas including medical product development, Pharmaceutical formulations, and clinical formulations.