We are one of the top solutions for all the research requirements of the professionals in the market. We support Medical coding, clinical research, pharmacovigilance, regulatory affair in multiple dimensions in different elements of scientific investigation. We are one of the preferred research partners in the field of pharma and biotech industry. We are committed to offering the best service and process in fulfillment with global regulatory standards. We are envisioned with the single-minded objective of imparting significant ideas and thoughts to young minds to make them more advances in the research field. We provide a world-class learning environment and our strong links with various health sectors will help to prepare the candidates for a successful career. Our entire team of instructors and staff understands and respects the candidate’s expectations and therefore makes serious effects in providing the maximum benefits that enable us to build a strong foundation.

We provide comprehensive medical coding training converting medical terminology into alphanumeric code, ICD-10 CM, CPT. Medical coding provides tremendous opportunities to all talented individuals who have a passion for the healthcare industry. The person with good knowledge of anatomy, physiology and medical terminology can climb the corporate ladder rapidly. We offer in-depth knowledge and expertise in the latest medical coding field. Training given by the CPC training in Bangalore will offer certification to all individuals completing the training program. The certificate is recognized globally and can easily place in leading US Healthcare MNCs. Our main goal is to create skilled individuals and increase higher employment opportunities.


We have eight years of experience in offering solutions to the clinical life cycle Phases. Our simple deliverance approach is to provide cost-effective solutions and one-on-one understanding for our clients to provide the best deliverables. We provide extensive training in the domain of clinical research. We mainly focus on the drug discovery and development, types and phases of the clinical research, good clinical practices, clinical trial regulatory affairs and research methodology and clinical trial design. Clinical research training in Bangalore offers a perceptive knowledge of the clinical trial process through an operations-focus approach. The program is organized with a prospect to meet the high demand for trained employees for human clinical trials.

Pharmacovigilance aims to enhance patient safety about the use of medicines. PV deals with the collection, detection, assessment, monitoring and prevention of the adverse effects with pharma products. The main focus of Pharmacovigilance is the safety of medicines. The certification program provided by the Pharmacovigilance training in Bangalore constantly encourages the aspirants to handle the clinical and research system effectively. At the end of the program, the candidates are expected to undergo a transition of being matured to undertake the correct career option and should be able to easily induct in the job and perform significantly better than a fresher.

In the pharmaceutical industry Regulatory affair is a profession play vital roles that is responsible for obtaining approval for new pharmaceutical products. The proper coaching and knowledge will inculcates the candidates with the responsibility and industrial culture to fit into the industry. Regulatory affairs training in Bangalore gives practical knowledge of the functionalities of regulatory manager with practical exposure. The industry is growing at a tremendous pace and there is rising concern over the safety and efficacy of the medical products. This has resulted in the creation of a special department with highly qualified professionals to meet these requirements with ease. The course mainly focuses on the regulation practices and procedure, patents and regulatory compliance for pharma and biotechnology products.